After cancelling the 2020 "DEAR TOUR" due to the Corona pandemic, Jules Ahoi and band are coming back to stage in 2022 with a new album and an expanded tour through 25 cities in Europe and the UK.


With his eighth record as a singer/songwriter, Jules Ahoi again breaks with old conventions and presents an album which was completely self-recorded and produced in his small homestudio in his flat in Cologne, Germany. The ten-track, self-titled record gives a deeply personal insight in the life of the 32-years old artist which he committed to music for more than 20 years now: the loss of friends and family, suffering from depression and trying to find his place back into a strange-feeling society. 

Once more Jules Ahoi is showing his skills as a songwriter and lyricist to easily handle difficult and deeply personal topics, presenting them into a sophisticated, poetical outcome. Without a doubt one can hear an artist progressing and re-inventing his style yet never loosing the roots of what his music stands for: edgy Indiefolk that makes you pack your bag and travel the world.


On the question why Jules Ahoi didn't individually name neither the new album (Jules Ahoi, Jules Ahoi) nor the upcoming tour (Tour 2022), the artist answers: "I don't want to frame anything in advance but inviting the listener to focus only on content, making own associations with my new record and the tour belonging to it. In a world that seems more an more superficial, where having a life and an appearance that looks good on the outside has become more important than looking good on the inside, I want the listener to look behind the curtain. It has always been the unknown, the new, the self-discovered that I've been interested in and which always led me to make new music.  When I create songs, I neither know where this leads me to, nor do I have a plan in advance what kind of music I want to make - I discover it while writing it."

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Jules Ahoi (born as Julian Braun in Melle, Germany) is a singer/songwriter and producer based in Cologne, Germany. He gained international attention with the release of his first solo EP "Between Lines" (2016) which included the renowned song "Robinson Crusoe". Part-time living in the south-west of France he is deeply connected to the local surfscene which still is the base for his musical career. Jules Ahoi's songs are featured in numerous documentations and surfmovies, e.g. first German surfmovie "Headache" which won several prices on filmfestivals worldwide. With the release of the "EUPHORIA / fragments." EP (2017) and the "Echoes" EP (2019) on his own founded record label MOON BLVD. Records, Jules Ahoi and his band hit the taste of a rapidly growing fanbase. Between 2016 and 2019 the band played over 200 concerts and festival shows, highlighted by 17 sold out shows on their "Echoes Tour 2019".


"Jules Ahoi Complete" - listen to the complete discography on Spotify.


DEAR ____ (2020)


Echoes EP (2020)


EUPHORIA / fragments. (2017)


Between Lines (2016)

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